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The average cost of weddings has dramatically risen nowadays. Unfortunately in these times of crisis not everybody can afford to get married. So finding ways to save some money is very important for young couples. Creative brides use cheap wedding ideas to save some money but still have the wedding that they have always dreamed of.

When it comes to wedding bouquets and flowers you can find ways and possibilities to cut off the cost. You can create a beautiful visual impact without spending a small fortune on flowers and florists. Budget friendly wedding bouquets require only some inspiration, creativity; in some cases a little bit of talent and skills and most certainly it requires imagination and the will to make some compromises. Taking our tips and our ideas into consideration will guarantee that on your wedding day you will have a beautiful budget friendly wedding bouquet admired by all attending guests.

Budget Friendly Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquet from weddings.craftgossip.com

First of all you should know what to avoid if you want a budget friendly wedding bouquet. Avoid big bouquet arrangements, because they are the most expensive type of wedding bouquets. Another disadvantage of these bouquet arrangements is that they are very heavy and it is possible that your arm will hurt you after carrying it around for so many hours. Long cascading bouquets are also to be avoided. Just like bouquet arrangements, these are not budget friendly wedding bouquets and they as well tend to be very heavy. The other disadvantage is that they might hide your beautiful wedding dress and you did not spend some much time and energy and money on finding the perfect dress to hide it behind a long cascading bouquet.

Another thing you should avoid is exotic flowers. The transportation costs for exotic flowers are huge because they grow only in certain areas. You should also avoid having a wedding in February. In this month the prices for flowers are extremely high because of the Valentine’s Day. For budget friendly wedding bouquets use only locally available flowers that are in bloom and in season. Tell your florist your budget and ask him to show you the most inexpensive flowers. Give your florist a free hand and allow him to be flexible. Tell your florist only some details about the colors and style you want for your wedding bouquet.

Budget Friendly Wedding Bouquets

Budget Friendly Wedding Bouquets

Hand tied flowers into a bouquet are great and beautiful budget friendly wedding bouquets. Simple and effective hand tied bouquets are usually half the price of bouquet arrangements. Ask the florist to pick some of the cheapest flowers, arrange them together and tie them with wire. Put a ribbon around them to protect your hands and also for decoration and your beautiful hand tied bouquet is ready. Another way to save some money is to have a single steam. This works well with a simple, elegant and silky dress and it gives you a more dramatic look. If you think that only one steam is to little, then hand tie three stems together. The look will be the same. With this method you are saving more money, because you use less flowers.11

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It doesn’t matter if your wedding is in summer or in winter; you still want to have a beautiful bridal bouquet that will match your wedding dress, the theme and style of the ceremony. Bridal bouquets are an important part of the bridal wedding outfit as their role is to enhance the beauty and elegance of the wedding dress.

If you are having a winter wedding, choosing the right bridal bouquet that will suit your desires can be a difficult task as many flowers are out of season. Fortunately most florists know of this difficulty and have always a stock of all flowers or if the flowers you want for your bridal bouquet aren’t available, they can always advise you and help you find other beautiful flowers that will match your wishes.

Winter Bridal Bouquets

Winter Wedding Bouquet from flower-arrangement-advisor.com

When it comes to winter bridal bouquets there are actually no color restriction. You can choose whatever color you want, but at the same time it is a good idea to have some winter accents (like pine cones, holly leaves, baby’s breath, berries and others) on your bridal bouquets. The trend colors for winter bridal bouquets are deep green, red, mauve, aubergine with accents of bright winter white and a touch of pink, blue, gold or silver. When choosing the color of your winter bridal bouquet take into consideration other elements of decoration (like table linens, centerpieces or even the cake) or the wedding theme and style.

Thanks to the year round availability of many hybrid flowers, you do not have to limit yourself to only a few flowers. Almost every flower you like and love can be found nowadays also in winter. For your winter bridal bouquet you can use some of the following winter flowers: freesias, lilies, poinsettias, hydrangeas or even roses. Beautiful winter bridal bouquet can be made also out of snowdrops, orchids and magnolias.

Winter Bridal Bouquets

Winter Wedding Bouquet from marthastewartweddings.com

Add to these flowers springs of Christmas Fir and Mistletoe and other winter accessories and you will get a beautiful and romantic winter bridal bouquet. The size and shape of your winter bridal bouquet depends on the style of the wedding and on your body size. For a more formal look, choose a cascade bridal bouquet while for a more casual look go for a hand – tight bouquet.

A beautiful romantic bridal bouquet that just screams out winter should be made out of deep red, perfectly wide open velvety amaryllis blossoms and Hypericum berries. This winter wedding bouquet will make a great contrast to your white or ivory wedding dress and to the snowy landscape. It will surely stand out of the ordinary and will be a high light. A hand – held wreath made of blue-gray juniper boughs and deep green arborvitae on which delicate and graceful snowdrops are tied, could be beautiful and outstanding winter bridal bouquet. The dramatic shape of the bouquet determined by the branches combined with the cascading tiny and beautiful blossoms would make your winter bridal bouquet be one of a kind and memorable.11

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There is no doubt about the fact that in the case of a wedding the most important persons are the bride and the groom. However, it is also true that other elements (such as the location of the wedding, the decorations, the food, the music or the atmosphere) are also of great importance. Among all these other elements, the wedding flowers have a special part, as they can set the mood for the wedding ceremony and create the romantic atmosphere needed at every wedding.

When planning and organizing a wedding respecting the budget is mandatory. Unfortunately, wedding bouquets cost nowadays a small fortune. Spending some hundreds of dollars or even some thousands on only one little wedding piece is not affordable for everyone, so doing a wedding bouquet yourself might seem as a good alternative.

Do It Yourself Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquet from links2love.com

If you have ever seen a beautiful wedding bouquet and thought you might be able to do an exact replica of it yourself, then now you have the perfect opportunity to try it out. It is important to remember, that all the breath taking wedding bouquets and arrangements you see in magazines are most likely created by experienced florists.

Although much more affordable than the ones bought from florists, do it yourself wedding bouquets can look just like the ones made by florists; but it must be said that it isn’t very easy to create the perfect wedding bouquet if you have absolutely no clue on how to do it. Here we have some ideas and tips for you on what you need for a do it yourself wedding bouquet. It is only a good idea to try to do a wedding bouquet yourself if you enjoy arranging flowers and have lots of patients and creativity. Also, you should not try to make a very complicated bouquet. Make only relatively simple wedding bouquets or chose to male one, you already know how to create.

Another tip is to only use flowers that are easy to find. It is also important that you can count on your family and friends and that you have enough time for a do it yourself wedding bouquet. If you need many arrangements on your wedding or you want to use out of season flowers that will be hard to find and you are already overwhelmed by the things you still have to do and you have never done a bouquet yourself, then it wouldn’t be such a great idea to do the wedding bouquet yourself; in this case you should ask a florist to do them for you.

Do It Yourself Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquet from w-weddingflowers.com

For a do it yourself wedding bouquet you need 30 up to 60 flowers with hard stems (it is easier to work with hard stems), a bucket full of water, paper towels, ribbons in complementary colors, rubber bands or waxed floral tape, a stem cutter or a sharp scissor or knife and some ornaments like pins, pearls or feathers.

Prepare the flowers by getting rid of all unaesthetic parts, assemble the flowers, secure the bouquet with the rubbers or floral tape, add the ornaments and the ribbons and your beautiful and cheap do it yourself wedding bouquet is ready. It is a good idea to wrap the bouquet in tissues and store it in the fridge – in this way the flowers will be still fresh when you need them.11

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What else would make a perfect wedding rather than a perfect breezy summer day. And what says summer better than a sunflower theme wedding: a pallet of sunny yellow and orange shades, the ceremony will have a golden glow that no one will forget.

Sunflowers have a strong symbolic meaning because they turn to follow the sun. When blossomed, they symbolize the sun itself, a testimony of spiritual warmth and happiness, but at the same time safety and longevity. This is what makes them suitable also for the bridal bouquet, a strong meaningful silent vow of eternal love and protection. Because of their big size and their strong and thick stems only a few are enough to for creating the bridal bouquet. Unlike roses,calla lilies, tulips, camellias the sunflowers have the advantage of lasting longer.

Sunflower Wedding Theme

Sunflower Wedding Bouquets from w-weddingflowers.com

Here are a few ideas that can help you get the sunflower theme wedding you have always dreamed of: take a few bowls, fill them with water, place one or two sunflowers in the middle and add by the side a few springs of gypsophila. Place one on every table. They will bring a fresh and warmly look to the decor. You can also use one to suit your groom and bridesmaids with your so simple but at the same time uncommonly beautiful sunflower bridal bouquet.

But if you want to escape a little bit from the traditional line of the setting, you can always add a few wildflowers to the sunflower bridal bouquet and tie them all together with an original leaf bow that you can make yourself. Find a few flower leaves, thin and malleable in the flower shop or in your own garden; tie the flowers at first with a sewing thread to make sure they won’t tear apart and then make the leave bow. It will give the bouquet a special look.You can also add between the sunflower bowls a few with wildflowers, here and there, or you can make a wildflower corsage around the champagne glasses.It will completely change the decor and will make it look so special and carefully planned.

Sunflower  Wedding Theme

Sunflower Wedding Bouquet from etsy.com

Another idea that complements a summer theme wedding and a sunflower/wildflowers bridal bouquet is serving wild fruit cups: wild berries, wild strawberries, wild cherries, raspberries, dewberries, wild-gooseberries, black or red currant. They have a more intense and sweeter flavor than the ones raised in greenhouses. For example, a good way to make the most of the wild cherries is to make them into cherry brandy and when arranging the wild fruits in the cups, put them into layers for a more exotic and decadent look. This way you will offer the complete summer season experience, and you guests will never want to leave.11

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