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Wedding cakes are a very important part of the wedding. Each cake is chosen in accordance to the wedding theme and the young couple’s preferences and beliefs. Some of them opt for a big, highly sophisticated and colored cake while others stick to the traditional white wedding cake. Regardless of the type, style and size, wedding cakes are usually emphasized with beautiful ornaments.

Tradition of wedding cake
Traditionally, all couples have a wedding cake. But when did this tradition started and what is the meaning of the wedding cake? Apparently, the history of wedding cakes began ages ago, in the Roman Empire. Back then, the groom supposed to eat a piece of a wheat cake and break the rest of it over his bride’s head. This custom was a symbol of the bride’s lost virginity and her husband’s mastery over her. Evidently things had changed since then, but the habit of eating a wedding cake is still very popular nowadays. The modern wedding cake was first introduced in the 19th century.

Traditional Wedding Cake (Source: img4.realsimple.com)

The wedding cake’s meanings also changed over the centuries. At first it meant to provide goodwill to the marrying couples. Afterwards it was considered a symbol of fertility, purity and loyalty. Nowadays, the cake-cutting ceremony has multiple meanings. For instance, the fact they cut the cake together means they are ready to share their lives and take care of each other. Serving the guest with a slice means they will also have good look in life.

Traditional white wedding cake
As previously mentioned the traditional wedding cake is white and has three or four tiers. On the top of the cake you will probably see a figurine representing the bride and groom or other beautiful ornaments made of topping or flowers. As regards to other cake ornaments the traditional ones include butter cream scrolls and flowers made of colored sugar. They impress by their refinement and simplicity rather than by an elaborate design and exquisite decorations.

Traditional Wedding Cake (Source: perfect-wedding-day.com)

You should know that traditional wedding cakes are also less expensive than modern, colored cakes. The bakers won’t have to spend too much time in assembling the cake and the butter cream flavor costs less than chocolate or fondant. Although for some it might seem dull, the traditional white cake is actually very elegant and beautiful. The cake’s design can be emphasized by adding lovely and fragrant gardenias or delicate orchids.

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If you want your wedding to be a hit, you should change your color theme from white to purple. In a Victorian dictionary or language of flowers, the purple blooms signify dignity, power, pride and success. The purple theme can fit the royalty ceremonies, especially those planned in luxurious locations. Purple is also a rich and sophisticated color that can easily create a pompous or elaborated arrangement that can fit an extravagant type of wedding. This color can make an excellent combination with shades of yellow, orange, hot pink or lime green.

A purple palette wedding bouquet or table centerpiece can provide the wedding with depth, drama, contrast and opulence. A wedding arrangement filled with purple flower blooms is meant to symbolize admiration, high class, refinement and accomplishment. This is a recommendation given by specialists for those who are planning a dramatic reception or for those who want something sophisticated, sensual and romantic. Purple is a trendy theme that is usually chosen by those who are going for a fancy indoors wedding, although it can also fit the outdoors receptions planned in a natural venue.

Outdoor Wedding Venue (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

The vineyards are perhaps the most adequate and inspiring locations for a purple themed wedding. You can always opt for a fairy-tale garden inspired reception if you are an adept of the romantic style. We adore the purple theme and we find it not only elegant, refined and feminine, but also spiritual and ideal for the idea of a wedding or marriage. Purple is the color of faith, truth, commitment, loyalty and magic. It is also regarded as a mystical color, or as the symbol of mystery and fantasy.

Outdoor Wedding Venue (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

The first bouquet on this page is the only one that features a single type of purple nuance: a deep mauve. The carnations form a thick well-constructed bouquet that can fit especially the natural outdoors weddings. The yellow Billy Balls blooms add a contrasting shade to the overall design and it makes it look even more dramatic and funky. The purple nuances can provide a wedding with a whimsical vibrancy that can flatter both the couple and the guests. We found a few beautiful pictures of purple palette wedding bouquets that are relevant for this discussion. We brought them here to help you get inspired for your own wedding, in case you have decided to use this color for your own arrangements. As you can see in the images, the purple shades used for these bouquets are never the same.

Outdoor Wedding Venue (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

The second arrangement we’ve posted here is more romantic and feminine. It features different types of purple shades, including violet, lavender and burgundy. This bouquet contains calla lilies, English roses, orchids and sweet peas. These flowers create a lavish arrangement that can fit the high class weddings planned in a refined and elevated style. The last design on this page features a bicolor theme composed of mauve and pale blue. We adore the greeneries used for the bottom of the arrangement that creates a fascinating contrast to the overall design.11

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