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Marriage Bouquets

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Weddings take in a lot of planning, organizing and financial efforts and if you want to have a successful event, either you are the bride or groom, or the wedding planner, it is quite essential to focus all of your attention on the details. One of these important details is the favors. These small tokens of appreciation towards the guests has a deep meaning for most and it will make everything just right if you choose to personalize them in order to better show the best thoughts.

A lot of couples wish for everyone to remember them on their wedding day, so, a very popular type of wedding favors are the small photo frames with a picture of the bride and the groom. Either digital or physical, you can buy a great number of cheap frames and personalize them with one of the engagement photos or a picture that made the two of them famous between their best friends and family. Try to choose simple black digital photo frames or simple black or brown normal ones.

Favor Gift (Source: happypartyidea.com)

Another great idea when it comes to wedding favors are the figurines. You can choose one that resembles the couple or one that is a cute character that will make everyone love it. Choose one that holds in his hands a small plate or frame where a message is going to be written. You can personally paint it or you can order this to be done by a specialized firm. Fortune cookies will always be adored by everyone because of their message more than for their taste. A small bag made out of organza in a joyful shade and filled with a few fortune cookies will bring a smile upon every guest’s face. Inside each fortune cookie you can choose to have a personalized message suitable for the occasion and the situation. Write down only good wishes that will make the guests smile. Other miniature favor gifts can be made from paper. These should not be the main attraction, but a side treat for a lovely effect. Origami is an art that has existed for many centuries and a pretty origami figure will impress even the most critical eye. You can transform a simple paper bird or frog into a real mean of communication, by writing a cool or endearing message on a side or more of that creation.

Origami Favor Gifts (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

Good wishes candles may be the perfect choice for a romantic wedding where everyone sets their eyes on various charming details. The guest can receive a small candle with or without a candle holder and inside he can find a small charm. All around the candle write things like love or faith. Such ideas will certainly be appreciated by your guests because they will be pleasantly surprised and interested in taking part in everything else that you have prepared for them on your special wedding day.


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