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Brides today think that obtaining a unique look for their wedding means playing more modern in all fields. If you want to obtain a trendier look at the ceremony, start with the flowers. The wedding bouquet can transform a traditional standard look into a more fashionable appearance. With the right flowers, colors and bouquet design you can obtain a fresh, contemporary look. There are many combinations you can follow in terms of flowers and colors. If you want to keep the pace with the ultimate tendencies in wedding fields, start with your wedding bouquet. They say that classic is the new contemporary look. This may sound a bit too awkward, but it’s true.

Many other wedding fields are incorporating classic and vintage elements. The old-century style is highly appreciated these days. Roses, carnations lilies are considered traditional flowers. But when adding a few extra touches of feathers, pearls of other exotic flowers, these blooms can look pretty impressive and inedited without losing their old-time honored value. So, it depends on the way each one of you chooses to play with the flowers and colors. If you want to obtain a more eccentric look, you can keep the roses and use them in brighter hues, such as hot pink, orange, fuchsia or violet. Red and white hues may be too old-fashion for the modern bride. Green flowers are in big vogue these days.

Contemporary Wedding Bouquets

Contemporary Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: kenji ross)

You can use green mums, hydrangeas, cymbidium orchids or other exotic and seasonal herbs for a more natural look. Many brides of today prefer the innocent look for their ceremony. And using more greenery is the right way to obtain a fresh and original look. Hand-tied bouquets are the most popular. They are easier to create and wear by the modern bride. Those who want a classic look can wrap the stems in white satin ribbon. But if you prefer a more glamorous look you might as well choose to adorn your arrangement with jewel pins, beads, pearls, brooches, crystals, rhinestones and other sparkling charms. You can attach a monogram to your bouquet and dress it up a bit fancier for your ceremony.

Both the exotic and rustic styles are considered trendy these days. The popularity of beach and outdoors weddings determined our designers to come up with more and more ideas for these styles. Those who are having a seaside wedding can use shells or starfish to decorate their floral bouquet. On the other hand, if you’re having a woodland wedding, you can use pinecones, berries, branches and other elements of nature to decorate your bouquet. Use feathers for a vintage wedding and a chic look. Peonies, ranunculuses, sweet peas, tulips, freesias, poppies, gardenias and anemones are among the trendiest blooms used nowadays in bridal bouquets.


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As a modern bride you will find it easy to make your flower and color choices for the wedding bouquet. Be glad to know that you have more options in this sense than ever before! This is no time to complain of a lack of inspiration for a unique wedding. Each bride has the opportunity of planning a magical wedding and a perfect look to remember. You can add more uniqueness through the bouquet you wear on your wedding day. After you’ve picked your wedding dress, you can start looking for the other accessories that will help you complete your assemble.

We can talk here about the veil or headpiece, jewels, shoes and flowers. The bouquet is interpreted as a special item of fashion meant to add more vibrancy and originality to the bride. It is one of the most important finishing touches you must add to your overall look. This is why it should be done properly, without compromises. Don’t forget that you may wish to keep the bouquet after the wedding as a sweet romantic souvenir of the ceremony. In this context, you have to look for more resistant or durable flowers. Ask your florist to create you a well-secured bouquet that will last for many years to come in a dried mod.

Wedding Bouquets & Ideas

Wedding Bouquets & Ideas (Photo by: love_K_photo)

You can take the bouquet to the “doctor” and have it preserved in a more modern and efficient technique. Frame the bouquet and use it in your house, as a painting or decorative item. The choice of the bouquet is one of the most exciting for a bride. If back in the old days the bride’s bouquet had a functional meaning – that of chasing evil spirits and bad energies away, nowadays the bouquet is viewed as an accessory. Bridal flowers have the power to express the bride’s personality, as well as the feel of the ceremony. Did you know that your bouquet can add even more beauty to your wedding dress? Learn more about colors and the best way to assort them to match your wedding dress and wedding theme.

The colors have a big influence on your final look. White bouquets are still trendy. In fact, they will never fall out of fashion because they are timeless choices. But to add more contrast to your white wedding dress, choose pink, green or orange for the flowers. Your bouquet can be customized to fit a special theme or it can be traditional. There are many themes and styles to choose from: rustic, vintage, artsy, monochrome, multicolored, etc. The shape of the bouquet counts a lot. Nosegays are the most traditional choices. They are tight and round and easy to carry. Hand-tied arrangements are more adequate for modern brides and clean elegant looks.


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Choosing the most beautiful bouquet for a wedding is an exciting experience for the bride and her bridesmaids. This decision is usually made together with the maid of honor, according to the formality, season and locale of the wedding. The budget also counts, as well as the bride’s personal preferences. In most cases, the bride already has a favorite type of flower and color she would like to use in her wedding. But there are many other brides who have no idea what to choose and how to fulfill this task. In this situation, the most important thing is to envision the shape, size and aspect of your bouquet.

Think about it! Should the bouquet be made of seasonal flowers? Should it be large or simple, easy to wear or intricate? Do you want a flower bouquet or a crafty non-floral arrangement? These are questions that you can answer before deciding on the style bouquet you want. This experience is very fun and delightful for those who like to play with different colors, blooms and designs. There are plenty styles and flowers out there to consider at this point. The ultimate decision is only yours, so think and rethink your options well before making a hasty selection. Wedding bouquets are supposed to be elegant. We may not know what all brides want for their big day, but this thing we do know for sure: they all want their bouquet to be formally beautiful and stylish.

Elegant Bridal Bouquets

Elegant Bridal Bouquets (Photo by: MJ CB)

There are certain flowers that can help you obtain an effortlessly elegant looking arrangement, or a specific color that can add more beauty and class to your bouquet. For instance, large flowers that feature long stems are very elegant. You can for instance consider roses, calla lilies, tulips and daises. As for the colors, anything like white, cream, red, pink and purple can be considered appropriate for a dainty bridal bouquet. The shape of flowers and the way they are arranged change the final look of the bouquet in the same measure. Cascading bouquets and crescent arrangements are always formally adequate for a black tie ceremony.

Use orchids for a romantic cascading bouquet. If these designs are too elaborated for your preference, consider carrying a smaller bouquet with a trail of vines or branches. Presentation bouquets that rest on the bride’s arm are also extremely stylish. They are dandy, chic and high class. This style requires long stemmed flowers. In terms of wedding bouquets, elegant can also refer to the design of the bouquet. The bride can use two colors or two different flowers to create a symmetrical arrangement. Biedermeier bouquets are great examples in this sense. The flowers are arranged in defined structures, based on certain colors. Heart-inspired bouquets are unique choices.


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Wedding bouquets are important component of any bride. The flower arrangement she chooses for her big day is supposed to add more to her elegant and beauty and also express her taste and vision. For instance, those of you who love the nature and wish to show it off can choose a green themed wedding bouquet. It’s hip to plan an eco-friendly wedding these days and behave like a bride who cares for the environment. Flowers are very helpful when it comes to unify a beautiful wedding theme.

An earthy inspired wedding is a clever wedding that can be enhanced through the use of flowers. The ecological bride can surely choose one of the many ways to create a green bouquet for her ceremony. Flowers are “green”, by their own nature. But the difference is in the way they are grown and harvested. Not all flowers are distributed in the most eco-friendly way. Locally grown flowers and seasonal blooms are considered eco because they are not treated with pesticides. The delivery truck’s gas-guzzling can sometimes cause harm to the flowers imported from other regions. And this is why you need to pay more attention to the place you get your flowers from. Exotic flowers are not the best choices in this sense.

Earthy Wedding Bouquets

Earthy Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: Bex Walton)

Choose locally grown blooms to make sure that they are really “eco”. Anything colorful, fresh and elegant can fit your bouquet. Try tulips, peonies, garden roses, daffodils, chrysanthemums and cherry blossoms for example. Backyard blooms are also recommended for those who want a green bridal look. They say that the fresher and healthier flowers are those grown in your own garden or backyard. Discover the joy of planting and growing your own wedding flowers and make the best and most affordable choice for your big day. You can grow pansies, tulips, roses and even hydrangeas! Make sure you do know when to plan them and how to care for them properly. Choose herbs, greenery and other plants available in the season of your wedding for your bouquet. Succulents, ferns, rosemary, parsley, sage, branches – these are just a few examples in this sense.

Wildflower bouquets are also recommended for brides who want an ecological wedding ceremony. Grass bouquets are whimsy and very trendy. Cornflowers, sunflowers, poppies and Queen Anne’s Lace are a few examples. Single stem wedding bouquets can also be considered eco-friendly. The “less is more” approach can fit perfectly well those who want a natural cheap wedding. The bride can carry a single large rose, peony or hydrangea bloom and obtain a very romantic and unique look. Green bouquets are also those based on silk or paper flowers or on jewelries. Try the “anything but flowers” approach for a funky bridal look.


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The modern bride has many options when it comes to choosing a bouquet for her ceremony. There are traditional arrangements composed of real and silk flowers and modern arrangements based on crafty items, like vintage brooches, feathers, buttons, sparkling wires, crystals, gemstones, sequins, swags, etc. As you can see, there are many new trends to follow by those who want something different for their big. And the truth is that many women of today are not satisfied with the traditional choices. They have this amazing opportunity of putting their own mark on the bouquet by choosing different decorative items.

Unconventional bouquets made of vintage brooches are by far the trendiest ones. They are ideal for old-fashion bridal looks and antique wedding ceremonies. You can use old brooches from your grandmother’s jewelry box, or you can buy antique pieces from a thrift store. Or, for a more modern look, use new brooches and create a more sparkling bouquet. The bouquet can be created by hand by those who are talented in this field. But if you are clumsy and can’t handle this task, ask someone else to do it for you. Brooch wedding bouquets are a nice keepsake for the bride and her family. This type of bouquet will never wilt or spoil. Nevertheless, it depends on the conditions in which you preserve the bouquet. Make sure you keep the bouquet in a safe place where dust and water can’t harm the brooches.

Bridal Bouquets Made Out Of Brooches

Bridal Bouquets Made Out Of Brooches (Photo by: Jewels Globe)

Using brooches instead of live flowers may seem more flattering for offbeat brides who are only interested in modern alternatives. Original, affordable and sophisticated, brooch wedding bouquets are recommended by glamorous brides. It’s not mandatory to use brooches alone in your bouquet. It can be any meaningful jewelry you have in your family. Perhaps you have many pieces of jewelry passed down from relatives that you would like to incorporate in your bouquet. The arrangement doesn’t have to be built only of brooches. You can surely add a few real flowers to make the bouquet look more romantic and authentic.

The sparkling brooches can be used only as accents. Modern-vintage inspired brides can use both new and heirloom brooches to compose a versatile bouquets. The greatest thing of all is that the bride can create or buy this bouquet in advance. This means you can modify the bouquet in time if new ideas emerge. Brooch wedding bouquets are a nice touch to a vintage glamour wedding. The brooches can be made of silver and transparent stones or they can be colored, depending on your preference. Look into thrift boutiques and on Internet auction sites. There are many advantages of using a crafty jeweled bouquet instead of a real floral arrangement.


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2012 brides are into playing the diva role at their wedding. The glamorous approach they take on their wedding is simply irresistible and indeed worth considering by any fashionable woman. Current trends are very encouraging in this sense. Brides of today are seen wearing jeweled shoes and bouquets instead of the real thing. This is a sign of maturity in terms of fashion and beauty. Things have changed in many wedding fields and this is how we ended up choosing crafty items instead of natural items.

Nevertheless, the surprise is that both artificial and natural themes are in trend today. So, the bride has the chance to lean towards the style she likes the most. Let’s talk about jeweled bouquets for now. This topic is very debated and interesting for our brides-to-be. It seems flattering for the modern bride to wear brooches, sparkling wires, gemstones and crystals in her bouquet instead on real flowers. Floral bouquets may seem too traditional and popular for unconventional brides. This is why a crystal made bouquet appears like a trendier selection. We’re not here to judge the reality but to comment current trends. If you find more satisfaction in carrying a crystal bouquet at the ceremony, go ahead. But one should not adopt this style just because this is what the trends say.

Crystal Wedding Bouquets

Crystal Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: Faylyne)

There is nothing more ephemeral than wedding tendencies. They come and go as new ideas emerge in field. So, you should not base your wedding on an impulse of a moment. Going traditional is indeed safer and more elegant. Nothing can compare to the beauty of a natural flower bouquet. But this is not what all brides think. Jeweled wedding bouquets started as a trend among vintage-inspired brides. Our designers started to use antique brooches, hair clips, sparkling wires, feathers and gemstones from different old jewelries to create personalized bouquets for the old-century inspired bride. But nowadays this trend has become very popular and it is embraced by different women. Crystal bouquets for instance are not only adequate for vintage brides but also for classic and modern brides. This look can fit wonderfully a winter ceremony.

The sheen of crystals mirrors perfectly well the glitter and glamour of the winter season and it is definitely able to add more sparkle to the bride’s face. Crystal bridal bouquets are easier to keep for many years to come. They make gorgeous wedding souvenirs for a nostalgic bride. This is perhaps one of the most important qualities or advantages of choosing a crafty wedding bouquet instead of a natural one. Crystals look more expensive than live flowers and this is why they are preferred by many brides. Besides this, they can make a bride feel like a real princess!


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Flowers are an integral part of a wedding ceremony and our brides know their importance. Although many decide to leave this aspect on the last minute, planning the perfect bouquet for a wedding takes time. Deciding on the most adequate types of flowers and colors is not as easy as it may sound. The bride must think and rethink all her options and make the final choice based on the coordinates of the wedding and other important factors that can influence her, like: the wedding formality, season, location and theme, the wedding dress and her body shape or figure.

These are just a few of the most important aspects to take into account when making the wedding bouquet selection. The flowers you use must fit the color-scheme of the event and also your wedding dress accents. Your wedding bouquet should enhance the beauty of the wedding ceremony décor through the natural charm of the flowers. The most important floral arrangement you must compose or order for your wedding is the bouquet. The season can help you make the wisest decision in this sense. Nothing can compare to the organic flair and fresh appearance of a seasonal wedding bouquet. Although there are many methods today of making artificial flowers or paper and other types of materials, live flower bouquets are by far the most beautiful and inspiring.

Ideas For Bridal Bouquets

Ideas For Bridal Bouquets (Photo by: LennyBaker)

When you decide to go for the recommendations of the season you also have the possibility of working with other elements of décor taken directly from the nature, like seasonal leaves, branches and even fruits. The bride’s bouquet must be thematic. If you’re having a rustic wedding, you can consider wildflowers or pine cones for your bouquet. If the wedding ceremony takes place in an orchard or spring garden, have your bouquet made of cherry blossoms or pink peonies. Use green and purple succulents for a wild dessert-like wedding. One of the first things your guests see when you’re walking down the aisle is your wedding bouquet. It’s that romantic item you’re carrying in your hands! There are many ways to compose a bouquet, and one of them is to do it by size and shape.

The appearance of the bouquet is very important. If you’re a petite bride, try to stay close to simple and small arrangements. An elaborated bouquet may be too overwhelming for your stature. Cascading bouquets are recommended for tall brides. Traditional arrangements include tulips, roses, carnations and baby’s breath. These are the most popular bloom choices, and they are usually made on pastel muted shades. It’s also customary for a classic bride to tie the stems with a matching elegant ribbon. There are modern bouquets based on minimal flowers and jewelry pieces you can consider.


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The choices in wedding bouquet shapes and styles are very generous for many types of brides. There is no such thing as the perfect wedding bouquet design that all women can adopt for their big day. There are ideal floral arrangements that can suit one bride or another. This is always a personal choice, and this is why we can never speak in general. There are different types of bouquet shapes one can choose from for her ceremony. You can go classic, traditional, modern or even vintage. Take into consideration the style of your wedding and the theme when making this selection.

Besides this, you can also keep in mind the formality, the season and amplitude of the event. Your dress style and your figure should also influence this choice. For instance, if you are a petite bride, perhaps a big cascading bouquet might not fit you properly. Trying something simpler and more casual instead can be a better idea. Small sized brides don’t need to carry sophisticated bouquets at the ceremony because the flowers will only cover their face and hide the beauty of their dress. Tall and slim brides on the other hand are advised to consider a more elaborated arrangement that can enhance the beauty of their look. Let’s take the presentation bouquet for example.

Wedding Bouquets For The Arm

Wedding Bouquets For The Arm (Photo by: Amy Claxton)

We’ve decided to write more on this style because we’ve noticed that many brides-to-be are interested in this shape. The presentation bouquet is called in many ways: arm, arm sheaf or pageant bouquet. If you are not familiar at all with this type of flower arrangement, follow us to learn more. The presentation bouquet can also be found under the name of “the side bouquet”. This name comes from the fact that the flowers are held on one arm, and not carried in hand. This is one of the most beautiful and unique types of bouquets a bride can choose for her ceremony. Arm bouquets are great for romantic ceremonies. As she walks down the aisle, the bride can hold the flowers on one side, in a very gentle and elegant way.

The design of this bouquet is inspired by the bouquets offered a few decades ago to actresses at the end of their performances. We should also tell you that the first record of arm sheaf bouquets is in 1930s. We are glad to see that it managed to captivate the attention of contemporary brides once again. If you want to use this style for your big day, know that you need long firm stemmed flowers, like roses, carnations, gerbera daises, orchids, calla lilies, delphiniums, gladiolus, French tulips, hydrangeas or larkspur. The bouquet must feature a triangular shape so that it can rest elegantly across the forearm.


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Many brides of today feel drawn to the beauty and richness of the Orient. This is precisely why they end up choosing an Asian or Chinese theme for their wedding. There is nothing wrong with planning a traditional Asian wedding when you’re from a different culture. Many brides and grooms from all over the Europe are into this style. Indian and Asian brides are very inspiring to women of all cultural backgrounds when it comes to attire, flowers, jewelry, make-up and accessories.

Asian weddings are always mysterious and inviting. They are warm, cozy and friendly, although they are elaborated events based on a large range of colors, flowers and decorations. With the right ingredients, you can make your wedding feel like a real oriental affair. You can take your guests to Asia with the proper color and flower touches. Get inspired from the amazing Oriental wedding projects our designers have in their portfolio and decide on the best decorations and flowers for your own big day. These people use a lot of plants and paper décor in their wedding ceremonies. The colors are bright and the centerpieces very sophisticated.

Asian Wedding Bouquets

Asian Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: moodboard)

Those who are fascinated by the Asian culture will surely like the traditions and customs they have for weddings. An Asian theme can change completely the look and feel of your wedding party. There are plenty of Asian design techniques you can use to obtain simple and pretty decorations for the ceremony and reception. But let’s talk about flowers and see what blooms are suitable for this theme. Asian people love flowers & colors. They have the peony flower and the red color as their state’s symbols. These two motifs can be played in an Asian themed wedding very easily. There are a few other rules to consider when working with this theme. Asian people never use white flowers. The white color is utilized only for funerals and mourning events. The wedding day is celebrated with red and other bright tones.

White is for graving and commemoration. So don’t make the mistake to use white blooms in your Asian bridal bouquet. The best oriental-looking flowers you can select for your wedding are: peonies, cherry blossoms, lotus blossoms, jonquils and daffodils. These assortments are easy to find and even easier to work with for a lovely romantic bouquet. Choose pink peonies accented with cheery blossoms for an ultra-feminine bouquet that can suit a casual wedding. Paper craft wedding bouquets are popular in the Far East. You can choose to wear a colored fan with floral motifs instead of a traditional flower-based bouquet, or decorative origami. Asian brides are also seen wearing parasols instead of classic bouquets made of real flowers.


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Contemporary brides are very lucky to benefit of the big amount of information on different wedding fields. They are privileged to find many serious sources of inspiration for their wedding. One of them is the Internet. You can browse for articles and pictures of different wedding dresses, cakes and bouquets. In this context, making the best decisions for your big day seems a very easy task to fulfill, even for the exigent type of bride. Every step a bride takes for her wedding is special and beautiful.

One of the most unique is the experience of purchasing the dress. But then there are many other special moments for the bride as she is getting closer to the perfect wedding look. She must find the right veil or headpiece, the most sparkling jewels, the perfect matching shoes and the most beautiful bouquet. Let’s stop at the bridal bouquet for a few minutes. Nowadays it’s trendy for the modern bride to go non-floral. This style is very chic and funky, but it is not for everyone. Only bold brides who want to make a statement at their wedding can dare choosing something this unusual! Wedding bouquets usually contain flowers, or at least this is what the majority of us think.

Pictures Of Wedding Bouquets

Pictures Of Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: Eugenio ‘The Wedding Traveler’ WILMAN)

Back in the old days, brides were adorned with herbal garlands and different types of spices. The wedding bouquet with a holder that could be carried by the bride at the ceremony appeared later. But it was a flower arrangement. During the last few years, our wedding designers thought that it would be nice to invent something new for this field. So they discovered that a bride can look even more glamorous and attractive when she wears a sparkly bouquet. This is how they started composing wedding bouquets out of vintage brooches, feathers, sparkly wires, beads, pearls, swags and other glittery charms. But jeweled bouquets are not the only ones for the crafty inspired bride. One can now make paper flowers for her bouquet.

The first type of fabric ever used for artificial wedding bouquets was silk. This material is soft and delicate and it is still popular among traditional brides. But if you want a fresh modern look, we suggest you consider a crepe or tissue paper flower bouquet. In fact, you can use any other type of fabric or texture you like to create the blooms. If you are not convinced that this style is wedding-appropriate, check out some wedding pictures in this sense. You should be able to find many non-flower wedding bouquets online to study and get inspired from for your own wedding. It’s important for the 2012 bride to assort her bouquet with the theme and color scheme of the entire event.


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