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Choosing the right bouquet for your wedding ceremony may seem like a tough task to take on. And we say this because the range of options is extremely generous. The variety of flowers and colors available for wedding bouquets today can get even more decided bride overwhelmed and confused. Besides this, each bride has her own definition and interpretation of the perfect bouquet for her wedding. Roses remain the most popular types of flowers for weddings and bridal bouquets.

One can follow a traditional style or play more modern. You also have the opportunity of planning a vintage wedding and choose an old-fashion bouquet. Roses are the most versatile flowers. They can be arranged in a myriad of classic, antique and modern bouquets. There are six types of roses that are used in general in wedding bouquets. And we mention here the miniature roses, the hybrid teas, the floribundas, the shrubs and the grandiflora roses. You can choose any of these species, according to your own wedding style, formality, venue and theme.

Multi-colored Rose Bridal Bouquets

Multi-colored Rose Bridal Bouquets (Photo by: Yoko Nekonomania)

Each of these types of roses is gifted with a different meaning. Each color has a special significance that can also help you compose a special bouquet that reflects your personality and interests. For instance, red roses stand for everlasting love & romance. White roses are for purity, chastity and innocence. Pink roses symbolize friendship, appreciation and admiration. If you want to express feelings of joy and cheerfulness, choose yellow roses. Lavender roses represent enchantment, spirituality and love at first sight. If you can’t seem to pick between all these lovely species, we suggest you consider using them all in your bouquet! Opt for a mixed bouquet of different colored roses and obtain an exotic look! Those who have trouble picking the right colors for their wedding florals can follow the multi-tone style. It’s trendy to carry a multi-colored bouquet at the ceremony. You can choose roses or another flower you like.

These bouquets look more impressive and elegant when there is only one type of flower used. As we have seen, roses come in a wide palette of colors and derived shades. Roses are available in red, white, purple, pink, orange, yellow, blue, green and brown. Choose the whole rainbow spectrum for your bouquet instead of two or three colors. It’s important to assort your bouquet with other details in the wedding for a unifying look. Use multicolored roses in your wedding décor to make sure that the reception looks coherent and stylish. Roses are symbolic flowers that can add more meaning to a wedding. They signify passion, respect, happiness, unity and devotion. All these messages are representative for a marriage. You can grow your own multi-colored roses for the wedding!


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The choice of wedding flowers is one of the most beautiful and personal. The bride has the opportunity of selecting the favorite blooms and colors for her bouquet and for the décor. There are many wedding corners and aspects that can be adorned with flowers. A bride must purchase flowers for her bouquet and for the bridesmaids’ bouquets, for the corsages and boutonnieres, for the altar, aisle and pews and other church decorations. For the reception, she will need a few blooms to decorate the tables and the cake.

There are many types of flowers that can look elegant and unique in a wedding. It depends on your vision. Check the formality of the event and ask a florist for more info. If you would like to do this on your own, consult your own imagination. Shop for seasonal flowers, for they are much more affordable than imported blooms. Besides this, they are fresher and also more vibrant. They can add more flair and authenticity to a seasonal wedding. Let’s talk about gerbera. These are perhaps some of the most versatile flowers available for a bride and her wedding.

Gerbera Bridal Bouquets

Gerbera Bridal Bouquets (Photo by: Archangel12)

Gerbera daises are available all year round and this is one of the first most important qualities they have. Gerberas are colorful and exciting to play with. They look amazing in hand-tied bouquets. But they can be arranged in many other forms, depending on the wedding formality and venue. These lovely blooms can add a colorful touch to a simple wedding and transform your look completely. You are free to choose any type of color you like. These flowers look beautiful in white and red especially. But if you prefer something more modern, consider the pink and purple palettes. You should be able to find gerbera daises in shades of green, blue, orange and yellow as well. Brown blooms are rarely found, but extremely unique. Gerbera look strikingly beautiful when they are fresh, but they can look just as beautiful when made of silk or other fabrics.

Lavish, wide and vibrant, gerbera daises bloom during summer. But as we said before, they are available in all months of a year. They are in general chosen by our brides for hot-weather nuptials. If you’re using fresh blooms, use more water to keep them alive. Festive and eye-catchy, gerbera daises always make a cheerful and playful addition to a wedding celebration. Your bouquet can be tied with a colored ribbon or be wrapped in a piece of fabric with a sparkling charm or monogram. Your bridesmaids and flower girl can wear pomander bouquets made of colored gerbera daises. Your bouquet can contain gerberas alone or a more sophisticated mix of lilies and roses.


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Calla lilies are common flowers for wedding centerpieces, wedding cakes and wedding bouquets. They are used by many brides for their own adornment. These flowers have long firm stems and large heads. Their beautiful structure makes them ideal selections for nuptials. The bell-shaped blossoms are unique and perfect-looking. Calla lilies are available in May and June – two of the most popular months for weddings. These amazing blooms are also gifted with many important symbols a bride can consider for her big day. Calla lilies stand for perfection, natural beauty and innocence.

These themes are highly associated with marriages. This is precisely why experts in field consider these flowers extremely appropriate for a wedding ceremony. Calla lilies are unique choices for both classic and modern bridal bouquets. One can also choose these lovely blooms for the bridal party attendants. If you want to use calla lilies for your bridesmaids, consider using mini calla lilies. Or, you can choose long stemmed blooms for your bouquet and smaller flowers for the bridesmaids’ bouquets. There are many colors to choose from. The pink and purple species are the most popular of all. Many brides choose these colors for their bouquet because they represent love and affection, emotion, femininity and grace. These blooms can also be found in white, red, orange, yellow and other derived shades.

Purple Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

Purple Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: Melissa Wang)

Calla lilies come from Africa and they are available in US all year round. White calla lilies are chosen by traditional brides who want a classic look for their ceremony. These assortments are recommended for spring and early summer weddings. But white calla lilies are also available for fall celebrations. The most impressive thing about these flowers is that they can last for up to a month. All brides want to use a type of durable flower that can resist well during the ceremony and reception and still look elegant after the wedding. Calla lilies make adequate choices for a bridal bouquet that is easy to preserve after the event. Purple calla lilies are more dramatic and outstanding. They bloom in spring, summer and fall. Often seen as exotic hybrids, purple calla lilies are surely eccentric choices for a wedding and a bridal bouquet.

There are many types of purple calla lilies you can select from. The Anneke species features a striking yellow interior. The Captain Chelsea had a rich burgundy hue mixed with a yellow tint. The Edge of Night is entirely purple and also has purple-edged leaves. Calla lilies look well when mixed with other popular flowers, such as tulips, irises, roses, peonies and other lily varieties. Additional flowers bring more texture to the overall look of the bouquet. Consider adding leaves, feathers and berries to the arrangement, for a more original look.


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One of the most versatile types of flowers a bride can choose for her wedding bouquet is the lovely gerbera daisy. Cute, feminine and playful, this species is easy to use in various bouquet designs, shapes and sizes. This flower is famous for its bright colored petals and centers. If you didn’t know, gerbera daisy is available all four seasons. It can fit different occasions and special events and it can surely make a charming choice for a bride’s bouquet.

Perhaps you will say that this flower is not formal enough to fit the level of elegance of a wedding. This is partially correct. This is precisely why our brides are choosing it for a casual or semi-formal ceremony at most. There is something about daises that make us think of grooves of wildflowers. In this case, we can’t think of highly elegant bouquets, but of fun delicate arrangements. Gerbera daises are wonderful selections for outdoors ceremonies. It can be an open field wedding or a rustic ceremony, depending on how you define the perfect day for you. Gerberas work well for countryside celebrations and decorations. Depending on how they are used, these flowers can lend a simple or more elaborated look. The many choices of colors and mixes make these flowers adorable selections for different types of weddings.

Pink Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquets

Pink Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: ilaria)

White gerbera daises can suit a candlelight church ceremony as well as a garden wedding! As we said before, it all depends on the color and bouquet style you choose. Gerberas can fit different types of bouquets, from simple nosegay and spray bouquets to corsages and boutonnieres for wedding party members. Their vibrant petals and centers can make eye-catchy choices for young brides and young cheerful looks. The pink species are the most popular or at least the most common seen in weddings. Gerbera daises have large heads and come in a wide variety of pink shades, from pale and blush to salmon pink, hot pink and fuchsia.

You can also find these blooms in yellow, orange, purple, green, blue and red. Pink gerbera daises can make an inspired selection for a spring and summer wedding. But they can also suit a romantic fall ceremony. For a winter wedding you can use red daises and use a red, green and silver or gold color mix. For an exotic bouquet, combine red, orange and yellow blooms and obtain a more eccentric effect. Mixed bouquets of gerbera daises are cute choices for alfresco weddings in general. You can combine various types of daises and accent the bouquet with a few stems of chrysanthemums, dahlias, carnations or green mums. Or, for a more rustic appeal, mix gerbera daises with wildflowers. You will obtain a beautiful natural fresh-picked look.


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Those of you who want a rustic look for your wedding can consider wildflowers. These species are simple and fun alternatives to professional florist bouquets you can normally choose for a ceremony. There are many brides who prefer a green wedding. This style is fresh and extremely unique. If you want to add a free natural look to your entire wedding, we suggest you use wildflowers in your bouquet. Many of us have the impression that roses, calla lilies and other popular flowers typically used in wedding bouquets are too traditional for a modern look.

Wildflowers are not as elegant as roses or orchids, but they can provide a bride’s look with more uniqueness. And this seems to be the most important thing when it comes to contemporary brides and their vision. Wildflowers also allow economical brides to save more for other important wedding elements. These flowers can be gathered from parks and open fields for free. Either way, they can also be found at local stores for cheap. Wildflowers are available in spring, summer and fall in a myriad of colors. It’s easier to plan a colored wedding and use wildflowers, as they come in a wide range of shades and derived shades.

How To Make Wildflower Wedding Bouquets

How To Make Wildflower Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: Alissa Walker)

We recommend these amazing flowers for country nuptials especially. There is something rustic about these species that can fit perfectly well a rural side wedding ceremony. They can suit different types of weddings, but they complement very well a ranch or farmhouse event. Their simple and natural look fit into different types of country wedding venues, such as: open fields, barns, vineyards, orchards, mansions, villas, etc. Wildflowers also allow you to create free-from bouquet. It doesn’t have to be a special shape or a formal arrangement. Modern brides are more commodious and they like the idea of behaving and looking more natural on their wedding day. Follow the nature’s way of decorating your wedding and your own look instead. This path seems more adequate for those who want to replace the typical wedding formality with a more relaxed atmosphere. Wildflowers are rustic alternatives to glamorous wedding bouquets and they can only suit natural wedding locations.

You can plant and grow your own wildflowers for a more natural effect. These flowers can be native and found in natural places. We can identify two types of wild flowers: woodlands and prairie. They can be found in many regions of the world. Long-stemmed species are the ones that can suit a bridal bouquet. Prairie species are good cut flowers for elegant bouquets. Consider sunflowers, brown-eyed Susan or Echinacea for instance. Brides who want to create a wildflower bouquet for free should consult a specialist in field first to find out what species are protected and should not be picked.


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Those who want to carry a beautiful bouquet down the aisle can choose white lilies. These flowers are extremely elegant and romantic and they can suit different types of wedding formalities, seasons and venues. Lilies are delicate principal or secondary flower choices for a bridal bouquet. The white blooms are by far the most inspiring for a bride. You guys can choose from different types of lilies, based on the season of your wedding and personal preference.

The price is another factor of influence in this sense. The most common type of lily that fits a wedding is the calla lily type. This species is used in both formal and casual bridal bouquets. Their long stems make the, ideal selections for arm sheaf or presentation bouquets. Sheath and cascading bouquets also look wonderful when made of long stem white calla lilies. But you should be able to find a wide range of lilies in various lengths, shapes and colors. Make the best selection according to the type of wedding you’re planning. Your stature should also be considered at this point. For example, petite brides and those who have a slimmer figure should choose a smaller bouquet to fit their height. It wouldn’t be wise for short brides to opt for an elaborated cascading bouquet that will hide their dress and face!

White Lily Wedding Bouquets

White Lily Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: Bunches and Bits {Karina})

Winter is almost here and we have a beautiful proposal to make: snow white calla lilies! These species are among the most popular for bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements. This variety of lily is also available in colorful blooms: purple, orange or yellow. It would be a good ides to opt for a clever combination between white and colorful lilies. Try schwarzwalder calla lilies for a dramatic bouquet and a contrast effect that can suit fall and winter nuptials. The next proposal is the stargazer lily. This species is ideal for tropical weddings and exotic bridal looks. You can arrange it in a cascading style and obtain an eccentric lavish look.

This type of lily is large and colored. The pink and white blooms are the most famous and sought after for beach ceremonies. There are also the Peruvian lilies that can also be found under the name of “Alostroemeria” lilies or “Lily of the Incas”. These amazing lilies grow in winter in Chile and in Brazil during summer seasons. Peruvian lilies can be found in rich colors, like red, orange, pink, purple, yellow and rust. Gloriosa Lilies are from Asia and Africa and can be found all year round. The flowers are big and showy and available in orange, magenta and yellow hues. It’s always wise to remove pollen to avoid staining your wedding dress. Easter lilies are great for Easter weddings and spring bouquets in general.


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Before deciding on the most adequate flower for your bouquet, you have to establish the color theme of the wedding. It’s important to know the venue, season and colors you’ll be using for your event before making any hasty decision. Your wedding dress design, color and cut should also influence you on this choice. The bouquet you carry at the wedding must match the other flowers and nuances you used for the ceremony and reception. Still, your bouquet must be the most unique and easy to spot of all. You might as well get inspired from the language of flowers when deciding on the best blooms for your ceremony.

This dictionary of flower meaning has been developed during the Victorian times. This was the era of Queen Victorian – one of the most important female personalities who managed to create new traditions and trends for the fashion field. During this period, the flowers were interpreted in various ways. Lovers used to send each other secret messages through the use of flowers. In most cases, the flowers offered signified love, jealousy, passion, appreciation, thanks, and many other emotions. The type of flower we picked for today is blue hydrangea. Even this “modern-day” wedding flower has a special meaning you may be interested in learning more about. Hydrangeas refer at deep feelings and heartfelt sentiments.

Wedding Bouquets And Blue Hydrangea

Wedding Bouquets And Blue Hydrangea (Photo by: Captain-tucker)

It makes a beautiful gift that expresses thankfulness, understanding and also vanity. Hydrangeas are wonderful selections for the 4th year of marriage. The bride who is lucky to celebrate her wedding anniversary can choose hydrangeas to celebrate in a more significant way. Blue hydrangeas are great for beach nuptials. They stand for calm, nonchalant, tranquility and comfort. The bride carrying a bouquet of blue hydrangeas can feel peaceful and serene. Among other significations assigned to blue hydrangeas that fit a wedding we mention devotion, stability, understanding and hope. This type of flower has a unique shape and nature. It is one of the largest flowers a bride can choose for her wedding day.

Hydrangeas are available throughout spring and summer and it grows in high bushes. Both real and crafty hydrangea blooms look elegant for a wedding. Silk hydrangeas make delicate choices for an economical bride. Easy to arrange and graceful to carry, these flowers can help you create a lavish bouquet out of only a few stems. They look fabulous in tall large vases and arrangements. The small star-shaped blossoms bloom in clusters. They can be found in a myriad of colors and color-mixes. A single stem of hydrangea can contain two or even three shades of color, like white, blue and yellow, or white, pink and blue. Hydrangea was firstly discovered in Japan but now they are cultivated all over the world.


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There are thousands of varieties of roses on earth. This is what makes this flower one of the most sought-after for weddings. Brides of the past and of the present are into the romantic appeal of this type of flower. No matter what you may think, roses are still adequate choices for modern weddings. Many people say that these flowers are too traditional for a contemporary bride. But you haven’t explored yet all species to say that these flowers are overdone!

Not to mention of the numberless mixes you can choose from for your bouquet! New hybrids are created each year and this is why you should never say that roses are too standard and predictable for a bride and her wedding. It doesn’t have to be a bouquet of ordinary white or red roses. You can choose any other species or color to obtain a more unique look. Roses draw attention through their unique sculpted shape and divine fragrance. Lush, brightly colored and resistant, roses are the perfect flower choices for a wedding. Roses grow easy in different conditions. This means that the bride can plant and grow her own favorite roses for the wedding day.

Rose Wedding Bouquets

Rose Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: Teresa Qin)

There are standard popular roses used for decorations, gardens and special events, and cross-over species that don’t fit any category or definition. There are mini-flora and miniature roses, grandifloras types, floribundas, climbing roses, hybrid teas and old garden species you can choose from based on the type of wedding and bouquet you’re planning. If you want an elegant arrangement based on a presentation design, consider using long-stemmed roses. Choose hybrid teas in this sense. On the other hand, if you prefer a smaller bouquet, consider floribundas. These species form in clusters and can provide with a very romantic look. Miniature roses are cute and lovely and they can be found in many sizes.

Everything at these species is small, including the leaves and bushes. But you can find roses that reach up to 2 inches long! For a similar look but a more lavish bouquet you can choose mini-flora roses. They can’t be found in full size, however. If you want to create a special décor for your wedding space, choose climbing roses. This species work well for garden ceremonies. For a vintage wedding and bridal look, select old garden roses. In this category of roses you should be able to find wild roses, damask roses and old teas. Hybrid tea roses are the most popular for gardens and event decorations. They come in a wide variety of colors, including white, red, yellow, orange, pink and mauve. These are long-lasting selections for a wedding bouquet. Magic roses are ideal for romantic types of brides.


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Many contemporary brides want to be classic brides and wear a white wedding dress and bouquet at their wedding. This may sound like the bride is settling for less, but it’s not quite true. The modern bride has rediscovered the beauty of the classic style and this is why she is willing to make it work for her wedding day. Among so many colorful trends and eccentric looks, the 2012 bride realizes that she wants a fairytale wedding based on simple real things. When it comes to classic wedding bouquets with a unique twist, Casablanca lilies seem to be the perfect flower choices.

This type of lily is actually an Oriental lily hybrid. It can be found during mid and late summer seasons. It is appreciated by many florists and wedding designers as one of the most beautiful flower choice for a romantic elegant bride-to-be. The brilliant white nuance of Casablanca lily is the first noticeable quality a bride can appreciate. These flowers are gifted with a unique beauty and a rich symbolism that can suit a wedding or marriage. They say that the white Casablanca lilies stand for purity and innocence. This is precisely why they are a favorite for wedding ceremonies and classic brides. Their large heads and divine fragrant add more to the list of qualities featured by this type of lily.

Casablanca Lily Wedding Bouquets

Casablanca Lily Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: Sid Mosdell)

Distinctive and graceful, Casablanca lilies are favored for both cut flower and garden bouquets. A stem can reach up to four feet high. This is why it makes a favorite choice for long-stemmed bouquet shapes, like presentation bouquets. The stem can feature many individual large flowers with a 10 inch diameter. The modern bride can choose to plant her own Casablanca lilies for the wedding. You can do this from July to August. Or, to make sure that your wedding bouquet will look elegant and beautiful, order one from a talented local florist. If you buy them in a bigger quantity you have the opportunity of spending less. It depends on how many stems you need for the décor.

Know that lilies are expensive flowers that can cost a bride a lot. Don’t use too many. Buying 40 to 80 stems means spending around $3 or $4 per stem. Look into wholesale florists who offer Casablanca lilies are good deals. Search the Internet for more affordable purchases. Choose from fresh and bulb forms, according to the time of day your wedding occurs. Bulb lilies need more time to bloom, like a few days. So, make sure that will look beautiful at your wedding ceremony. Casablanca lilies are ideal for celebrating family, friends and moments of happiness. They are recommended for birthdays, graduations, life memorials and weddings.


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Modern and more brides of today are going modern. It seems easier and more fun to play the role of a trendy bride. And when saying this we refer especially to the accessories a bride carries at the ceremony. The wedding bouquet can be composed in a more unique way to fit the expectations and preferences of the fashionable bride. Modern times have brought different themes contemporary brides can choose and get inspired from. These themes are often influenced by a certain venue or season.

The bride’s bouquet can be composed of “modern” flowers or trendier accessories, like jewels, buttons, feathers or sparkling wires. There are many ways to make a bouquet look outstanding and one of a kind. It depends on the type of wedding each of you is planning. Use specific flowers or decorative items to make the bouquet fit the bride’s personality. Fashionable bouquets can act like glamorous accessories for the contemporary bride. If you want a more meaningful bouquet, choose your favorite flowers in your favorite colors. There must be something you personally like and wish to incorporate in your wedding.

Couture Bridal Bouquets

Couture Bridal Bouquets (Photo by: SimonShaw)

The flowers you choose can be significant for both the bride and her groom. There is a wide variety of flowers & colors to make your pick from. It’s important to use the same flowers you used in your bouquet for the other floral arrangements, like corsages and boutonnieres, bridesmaids’ bouquets and cake, table centerpieces and other decorations. The formality is also important when selecting the best flowers and accents for your bouquet. Fashionable in terms of wedding bouquets can refer to a unique color-combo or flower mix. But it can also refer to the shape and texture of the bouquet. Nosegays and cascading bouquets are considered traditional. Many brides of today find these shapes pretty old-fashion. Hand-tied bouquets are modern alternatives to consider. Think of clean lines, uniform flowers and colors.

You can also consider geometric shapes. Pomander bouquets and organic floral arrangements are considered trendier selections. Roses, carnations and tulips are definitely too conservative to fit the preferences and vision of a contemporary bride. But if you like one of these types of flowers, choose a different color. For instance, instead of white and red roses, choose purple or burnt orange blooms. Two-toned roses are also recommended for those who want a unique classy bouquet. Exotic blooms are ideal for tropical wedding and a fresh bridal look. Anything like orchids, plumerias, lotuses, amaranthuses, bird of paradise, protea, hydrangeas, sea hollies and gingers can suit. Add a few accents like horsetail bamboo, succulents, ferns, bear grass and eucalyptus leaves to make the bouquet look more eye-catchy and original. Wrap the stems of your bouquet in banana leaf ribbons.


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