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Sunflower Wedding Theme

What else would make a perfect wedding rather than a perfect breezy summer day. And what says summer better than a sunflower theme wedding: a pallet of sunny yellow and orange shades, the ceremony will have a golden glow that no one will forget.

Sunflowers have a strong symbolic meaning because they turn to follow the sun. When blossomed, they symbolize the sun itself, a testimony of spiritual warmth and happiness, but at the same time safety and longevity. This is what makes them suitable also for the bridal bouquet, a strong meaningful silent vow of eternal love and protection. Because of their big size and their strong and thick stems only a few are enough to for creating the bridal bouquet. Unlike roses,calla lilies, tulips, camellias the sunflowers have the advantage of lasting longer.

Sunflower Wedding Theme

Sunflower Wedding Bouquets from w-weddingflowers.com

Here are a few ideas that can help you get the sunflower theme wedding you have always dreamed of: take a few bowls, fill them with water, place one or two sunflowers in the middle and add by the side a few springs of gypsophila. Place one on every table. They will bring a fresh and warmly look to the decor. You can also use one to suit your groom and bridesmaids with your so simple but at the same time uncommonly beautiful sunflower bridal bouquet.

But if you want to escape a little bit from the traditional line of the setting, you can always add a few wildflowers to the sunflower bridal bouquet and tie them all together with an original leaf bow that you can make yourself. Find a few flower leaves, thin and malleable in the flower shop or in your own garden; tie the flowers at first with a sewing thread to make sure they won’t tear apart and then make the leave bow. It will give the bouquet a special look.You can also add between the sunflower bowls a few with wildflowers, here and there, or you can make a wildflower corsage around the champagne glasses.It will completely change the decor and will make it look so special and carefully planned.

Sunflower  Wedding Theme

Sunflower Wedding Bouquet from etsy.com

Another idea that complements a summer theme wedding and a sunflower/wildflowers bridal bouquet is serving wild fruit cups: wild berries, wild strawberries, wild cherries, raspberries, dewberries, wild-gooseberries, black or red currant. They have a more intense and sweeter flavor than the ones raised in greenhouses. For example, a good way to make the most of the wild cherries is to make them into cherry brandy and when arranging the wild fruits in the cups, put them into layers for a more exotic and decadent look. This way you will offer the complete summer season experience, and you guests will never want to leave.11

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