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Lilies make wonderful flowers for a bride and her wedding. They are elegant choices for a simple and clean bouquet and sophisticated elections for a more elaborated arrangement, depending on the effect you want to create. Lilies make a statement on a woman’s wedding day, no matter the way they are arranged. Any bride can look effortlessly beautiful carrying a bouquet of lilies. These flowers can add more opulence and vibrancy to your overall look, especially if you’re using a colorful species. There are calla lilies, mini lilies, stargazer lilies, Easter lilies and tiger lilies to choose from.

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Each of these species has unique qualities. Stargazer lilies are often chosen for their explosion-like shape and vivid coloring. These flowers add fragrance to a wedding bouquet and a sensational pop of color. They are exotic choices for bold brides. Their brightly colored petals feature unique dotted accents and dark colored spots. The white and pink/orange species are the most common. Destination brides love stargazer lilies because they are great for beach and island celebrations. They make spectacular choices for bridal bouquets, wedding centerpieces and wedding cakes. Their large trumpet-shaped heads can help you compose a lavish bouquet without spending a fortune on multiple stems.

Stargazer Lily Wedding Bouquets

Stargazer Lily Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: Janine)

The stargazer lily is a new variety within the lily family. Those who don’t know, this hybrid has been developed at the end of the 20th century. You can use them in combination with many other flowers, due to their versatile look. Stargazer lilies look fabulous next to gladioluses, irises, roses and alostromeria blooms. If we are to say a few words about stargazers’ meaning, we would say that these flowers stand for wealth and prosperity, romance and innocence. They fit perfectly well the spirit of a wedding, don’t you think? Others say that stargazer lilies are the symbols of sympathy and spirituality. These flowers appear in many ancient stories. They are also mentioned in the Bible, where they are used as symbols of innocence and purity.

These traditional meanings are well fit for a marriage and this is precisely why they always make thoughtful choices for a bride. If we are to be more precise, we would say that the white stargazer lilies mean modesty and innocence, and the pink and reddish ones mean aspiration, healing and prosperity. White lilies were used in old days to say “I’m sorry”. During Victorian times, when flowers were used as symbols for different (love) messages, the white lilies were also sent as flowers of sympathy. Those who are planning a church ceremony and are interested in the religious meaning or lilies should know that Christians say that these flowers symbolize Jesus Christ or the new life He brings. The sweet scent of these lily species is also very convincing.


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