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Those of you who are having a beautiful countryside wedding might want to learn more about wildflowers and the many ways they can be used in a ceremony. The modern bride is constantly searching for inedited ideas to fit a casual wedding. Now that weddings are so cozy and informal, the bride has the opportunity to choose from a richer palette of flowers and decorations. Wildflowers are not the most elegant or formal choices for a wedding. But when it comes to casual outdoors wedding, they can make sensational selections.

Believe it or not, many brides of today are choosing wildflowers for their bouquet. They fit wonderfully rustic wedding themes and western inspired ceremonies. There are many advantages to benefit from when working with wildflowers. First of all, we must say that they grow naturally on fields and mountain tops. This means that you can find a good source out there to pick your own blooms for the bouquet. You can check out fern fronds, open meadows and tree branches. These lovely species are wild and this is why they grow freely and lend a natural look to a wedding bouquet. Brides can sue them as accents to a more popular flower arrangement or as principal blooms. Allow the nature to help you by offering its own suggestions, for free!

Western Wedding Wildflower Bouquets

Western Wedding Wildflower Bouquets (Photo by: Mika)

Those who want to spend their wedding day in the middle of the nature should definitely replace the formal backdrop with the natural beauty of the venue. Wildflowers are often used by DIY brides. These blooms are easy to work with and insert in a wedding bouquet. There are native and cultivated wildflower species that you select from.  If you choose to pick a few stems from woodland edges, make sure that no one sees you. Don’t steal wildflowers from public places, like parks or gardens. There are a few wilds species that you are not allowed to pick. To make sure that your wedding bouquet is “legal”, look into a local flower farmer or ask a cooperative extension agent who works in this field. Among the flower cut species that you can actually look for without problems we mention the following: wild roses, daises, wild sweet peas, brown-eyed Susan, poppies, Echinacea, honeysuckles and other local greenery.

The good news is that you can use different species to compose a mismatched arrangement. Wildflowers are great for this style. Don’t hesitate to create similar arrangements for the tables. Look for vintage vases and recipients on thrift stores. Make sure that the species you choose have long stems. You can choose a large flower – like sunflowers – for the center of the bouquet and then continue adding little blooms and greenery around it.


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